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Used Tow Trucks For Sale - What Can You Expect To Find?


If you are just starting out in the towing business, you may want to search for used tow trucks for sale.You may also be interested in used trucks if you are looking to replace some of your old trucks or add some vehicles to your fleet.

Classes of tow trucks

Most tow trucks fall into one of three categories: light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty. Some areas have combinations of these classes, such as light-medium. However, the three main categories have the following guidelines:

  1. Light duty—Light duty tow trucks can haul up to ¾ ton vehicles.

  2. Medium duty—Medium duty trucks are able to haul up to 2 ½ ton vehicles.

  3. Heavy duty—Heavy duty trucks tow vehicles between one ton trucks and semi trucks.

The light and medium duty trucks are appropriate for towing cars. The type of used tow trucks for saleyou are interested in will probably depend on what you will be using the tow truck for. You may also be interested in a tow truck with a side puller. Traditionally, tow trucks have all the gear for hauling on the rear of the truck, so the range is somewhat limited. However, with a side puller, you can do things like pull cars up from embankments or tow cars up hills. A side puller essentially gives you two vehicles in one. You will have the capabilities of both a wrecker and a carrier.

Where to look

You might be surprised at all the places you can find used tow trucks for sale. Online, websites like House of Wreckers, Fleet Sales West, and the Lynch Truck Center all offer used two trucks. There are also sites like Tow Truck Deals that do not directly sell trucks, but it does provide pictures, prices, and short descriptions of tow trucks for sale across the web. Each listing has a link to the site where the truck is being sold by the owner. When looking at used tow trucks for saleby the owner, you want to be sure to give the truck a thorough examination before you actually agree to buy it. You might also want to check out local places that sell repossessed items. Surprisingly, tow trucks are vehicles that are often repossessed, and the bargain is passed on to the buyer.

Once you begin comparing new and used tow trucks for sale, you will find that buying a used truck can give you a great deal. You will probably save a couple of thousand dollars by buying a used tow truck. Whether you are just starting out in the towing business or you are adding a new truck to the collection your business currently has, you will be able to find a used truck in a number of different places. As long as you know what you are looking for in the truck, you will be able to give it an inspection and be sure you are getting a good deal.