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Finding Good Used 4x4 Trucks For Sale On The Net

If you're looking for some used 4x4 trucks for sale, these days you don't have to drop by the used car lots in your area, you can actually do some searching online.  With the advent of classified ads sites and even Ebay Motors you can bid on and/or easily contact truck owners in your area or nearby states. 

E-Bay Motors:

EBay Motors is one option for you to consider.  The advantage of this is, if you're looking for used 4x4 trucks for sale, you can check the EBay seller's rating and see if they are a reputable seller or not. 
Often times the sellers are owners of used car/truck lots and thus have many sales on their Ebay account where they have sold vehicles to other people through EBay.  Simply look to see that they are a "Top Rated Seller" or a "Power Seller" and make sure they have a good number of sales under their belt.

Of course this is not a necessity, but it is something to keep in mind when searching through Ebay in this manner for a used 4x4 truck.  There are also going to be some independant sellers on here who may have few or no selling history, but may have a really great deal nonetheless.  In this case, you'll want to do your due dilligence and meet with the person if possible before the bidding on the auction ends.

Classified Ads Sites: GumTree/Kijiji/Craigslist

Often times you can find some really great deals on classified ads sites.  Especially if you come across an ad that isn't getting much traffic and the seller hasn't posted his offer elsewhere to spread his options, you can get in and get a good deal on a used 4x4 truck.

Just make sure that again you do your due dilligence, even if you come across a seemingly amazing deal, you don't want to get hoodwinked and find out that the vehicle has more problems than it was worth.  Make sure you take it for a test drive, pop the hood and check that everything checks out.  It helps to be a good judge of character/have good intuition in these instances  as well.

Autotrader/CarGurus Etc..

Lastly are sites like the above mentioned sites, where you can search through various makes of used trucks, or sort by color, price, milage and various other search parameters, including the radius around your location you want to search within.

This will bring you back a number of potential used 4x4 trucks for sale that you can then look into further, some from independant sellers and some from dealers.