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Undercover Truck Bed Covers

Are you looking for some undercover truck bed covers?  There are many to choose from online, so it would be worth while spending some time browsing the Internet to find covers that suit your own particular requirements.  Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what you can find online.

1. Undercover Innovations are selling their Undercover 4080 5.5 Lift Top Locking Tonneau cover for $1,007,62 over on Amazon.  These undercover truck bed covers, which are designed to protect the interior of a convertible truck, are made from high quality material that provides durability and long life. They have a lift top design and come with dual lock points. They do not need to be drilled, and concealed clamps make installation a simple procedure.  These undercover truck bed covers come with a limited 3-year warranty on workmanship and materials of composite structure.  They come in a range of sizes on Amazon to fit different convertible trucks.

2. The UnderCover 1040 5’ Lift Top Locking Short Bed Tonneau Cover, which is $976.13 on Amazon, is another cover from the Undercover Innovations range of undercover truck bed covers.  It has all the same features as the 4080, it is just designed for a different-sized truck.

3. Proppa do a range of undercover truck bed covers that can be viewed at their website. Their Soft Tonneau Cover, which costs around $80, is available for all pickup models.  These covers, which are made from  very tough, black leather effect fabric-backed PVC, are supplied with 2 rain bars to stop water pooling and a fixing system that requires some drilling to the body unless outside hooks are present.  If the truck has outside hooks these undercover truck bed covers can be attached by bungee cords through the tonneau.  Proppa will provide a fitting kit for the tailgate if the truck has outside hooks.  If the truck has smooth sides without hooks, Proppa will self-tapping pop stud headed screws to be screwed to your vehicle for the tonneau to attach.

4. The Upstone Aluminum Tonneau cover, also available on Proppa and priced at around $650, is designed for Double and Extra cab pickups and is available for all new pickup models in both double and extra cab. It comes in 2 finishes, either checkered plate or smooth brushed finish.

These descriptions of some of the undercover truck bed covers on the market will hopefully give you a better idea of what sort of cover you might be looking for.  I f you go online yourself and have a look around you will no doubt find a whole lot more to choose from.