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Truck Magnets

Truck magnets are both a fun way to decorate and a unique way to advertise on the side of your truck. You can have them made at any number of places. One of the best things about them is that they can be made in any size or shape with any colors, text, font, or images that you want. There are design your own magnet websites, stores, and kiosks. They are quick and easy. And, they do not leave a sticky mess on your truck.

With stickers, you may tire of them, they may become outdated, or you may have some other reason for needing or wanting to take them off of your truck. They are difficult to remove, and they usually come off in little pieces, leaving behind a film of stickiness that attracts all kinds of dirt, bugs, and other small debris. Truck magnets are a better choice because they can be easily placed and removed from any metal surface on your truck.

There are countless websites where you can design your own truck magnets. At the Signazon website, you go through a four step process to get your magnet. First, you select your size. While you0cannot choose a custom shape for the magnet, you can choose any height and width between 1 and 100 inches. You also choose whether or not you want the magnet to be reflected and how many magnets you want. At this point, you can choose a customizable pre-made template or you can upload your own. Next, you view and edit the proof. This is what your final product will look like. The third step is to enter your shipping information, and the final step is to enter the payment information. Depending on the size of your truck magnets, you can plan to spend around $200 each on them.

Another website for designing truck magnets is the Build A Sign website. You can design signs, banners, stickers, license plates, magnets, and more. For a truck magnet, you have several options. You begin by selecting a pre-designed sign. From there, you can customize your sign with various colors, fonts, text, and images. Next, you choose your material, your size, and how many signs you want. At this site, your choices are somewhat more limited, but the cost is only about $40 per magnet. The last step is to enter your shipping and billing information, and you should receive your magnet in about a week.