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What You Need To Know About Truck Insurance

Truck insurance is something that you are required to have if you plan to drive a truck in the United States. If you drive professionally, you will need commercial truck insurance. You can look to numerous places to find this insurance—online, on the phone, or in person. There will be many things to consider when choosing your insurance.

Where to buy

  • Geico—This is a national insurance company that provides many different types of insurance. You can get commercial or private truck insurancethrough Geico. You can get a quote through their website, over the phone, through email, or by mail. This company has received high reviews from users, who state that, for the most part, the company is easy to deal with, and there are numerous ways to contact representatives, so if you have any trouble, there is always someone available to help.

  • Nationwide—With Nationwide, you can get a truck insurance quote by calling a representative or visiting their website. You can also find an agent to help you fulfill your specific needs.

  • Commercial Truck Insurance NITIC—This company has a website and a toll free hotline for you to use to get quotes and find the best policy for you. Because this company specializes in only insurance for trucks, you can find many different important additions to your policy. Examples of add ons include cargo insurance, liability, interchange, and workers compensation, among others.

  • Cover Me Insurance Agency—This company provides general liability as well as trailer interchange, cargo, physical damage, and ICC authority, to name a few. This is another company that specializes in truck insurance.

Things to consider

When you are looking for a truck insuranceprovider, you will need to think about several different things:

  1. What types of coverage do you want? If you are looking for professional driver insurance, in addition to driver insurance, you will need to consider insurance for cargo, trailer interchange, damages, liabilities, and various other additions.

  2. What is required by your state and by the national government? Each state will have different requirements. You will need to be knowledgeable about the laws for each state and their minimum requirements. Your insurance provider should be able to help you with this. The insurance provider will also be able to provide guidance for you in federal regulations.

  3. What kind of truck do you drive? Different types of trucks have different minimum coverage requirements.

  4. How many drivers will your insurance cover? If you run a company and are looking to insure a group of drivers, you might want to look to one of the companies that specializes in insuring trucks and their drivers.

Whether you are looking for basic truck auto liability or commercial truck insurance, you should compare quotes from various sources. You should also talk to other truck drivers to see what recommendations or comments they have on various companies. Keep in mind that just one bad experience with a company does not necessarily mean it is a bad one, but if you get several negative reviews, approach that insurer with caution.