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Truck Insurance Companies


Finding trucking insurance can be difficult, but once you begin sifting through truck insurance companies, you will find that it can be turned into quite an easy task. This article will fill you in on some of the more popular companies that provide transportation insurance with a specialization in insurance for trucks. You will also be able to read some tips on how to how to choose the best insurance for your truck or fleet.  

Truck Insurance Companies 

Listed here are several popular truck insurance companies. Each company has a website that will provide detailed information about the policies that company offers.

· Good's Insurance Agency—This is a company that specializes in truck insurance. Their website touts that the CEO of the company was a former trucker, so the company understands the true needs of truckers and trucking companies. The company's home office is in Pennsylvania, but they are licensed to insure drivers in over half of the states in the United States. This company provides many different types of insurance including liability, cargo insurance, commercial truck insurance, surety bonds, and many other services specific to the needs of truckers. You can request a truck insurance quote on their website or over the phone. If you live near one of their offices, you can also go in for an in person quote.

· 1st Guard—This company is one of the more limited truck insurance companies. They provide physical damage and non-trucking liability insurance. This company focuses on providing inexpensive insurance for drivers who have had few to no accidents or other liabilities.

· Western Truck Insurance Services—This is an example of the truck insurance companies that aim to be a one stop shop. Truck drivers and owners can find any type of insurance they are looking for through companies like this one. You can also use the website to request a quote.

How to Choose 

There are several methods you can use for choosing your truck insurance company. One of the most popular ways is by comparing prices. Many websites, such as NetQuote, give you a place where you can input information about what you are looking for, and you will get back results that list various prices from several different truck insurance companies. Another popular method of choosing insurance for your truck is to compare what various companies offer. For example, some companies will offer only liability and physical damage, while other companies may offer cargo, worker, or other insurance add ons. You can compare what each company offers, then make your decision based on that. Finally, people often look to other drivers figure out which company to choose. It is easy to find popular companies by asking other drivers which company they have chosen. Additionally, many popular insurance companies provide many different types of insurance, so your personal car, home, or boat insurance company may also provide truck insurance. 

The best way to pick among all of the truck insurance companies is to find several companies that you are interested in, choose which offerings you are looking to select, and then comparing prices and services.