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Choosing And Using Truck Driver Insurance


Even if you already have truck insurance to cover your truck in case of an accident, you also will need to consider looking in to truck driver insurance, which covers the driver in case there is personal damage during an accident. Individual drivers can get this to cover themselves, or companies can choose to add this option on to their current coverage.

Individual states have different requirements for minimum amounts of insurance coverage. You will want to check out what your state government requires as far as truck driver insurancegoes. For example, if you live in South Carolina, you can visit the website for your local department of motor vehicles. Here, you will find the driver forms you need, as well as what is required of you in your state. Your insurance requirements are also going to vary based on your age, your driving record, what kind of cargo you will be carrying, and how much your truck weighs in total.

The Freight Haulers of America website is a good place to go to get started if you are just beginning to look for truck driver insurance. At this site, you will find that there are many services offered for truck drivers, including insurance options. Whether you are looking for cargo insurance, various liability insurances, or insurance specific to you as a driver, you will find options for that here.


Following are examples of options for driver's insurance:

· Medical—This includes your basic doctor's visits, preventative care, and visits to certain specialists.

· Dental and vision—This is for regular dental visits, as well as special oral care needs and for yearly eye exams, glasses or contacts, and other eye care needs.

· Disability—Unfortunately, some people have to spend a short time away from their jobs because of a short term disability. If this is the case, your disability insurance will help you pay for bills and expenses during the time you cannot work. Long term disability is also an option. This is to be used when you will not be able to return to work for an extended period of time.

· Life—Life insurance is in place to protect your family in the event that you pass away.

· Accidental death and dismemberment—This is another type of insurance that protects your family in the event that an accident occurs in which you lose your life or a vital limb.

· There may be other needs you have, and those can be found through various companies.


The best way to choose which truck driver insurance plan suits your needs is to first assess what your requirements are. Find out what your federal and state governments have deemed it necessary for you to have. Then, think about what your needs are. Some drivers need to add coverage for family members, while others need coverage just for themselves. There are many different options and add ons available. Finally, compare prices from various providers so that you will find the best deal.