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Truck Bed Toppers

Are you tired of worrying about the contents in your pickup truck bed? Worried that some bandit is going to snag anything of value that is back there the minute you stop at a restaurant or store, tired of the rain, wind and snow doing a job on things you need to keep clean and dry? If that’s the case – then you may-very-well need to start looking at a variety of truck bed toppers in an effort to find the right topper for you.

Looking on E-bay may hold the answer if you are extremely lucky. However finding the right topper for your vehicle and one within your area (so you can avoid hefty shipping charges and unwanted surprises on warranty-less truck top covers) may be a Herculean sort of task in and of itself.

However, if you have some cash on hand or a credit card with room to spare regarding its limit et al – there are most certainly a wide array of truck bed toppers that are more than guaranteed to suit your particular financial, utilitarian and aesthetic needs.

TruckChamp.com has a great little vinyl cover for just under $180. With a seven-year warranty on the cover itself, spring-loaded corners that adjust automatically for the weather, and easy snap-all-around accessibility – this little number is great if you happen to be on a budget. And if you purchase it from TruckChamp.com – the shipping is free.

For purposes of security and water-tight weather resistance soft/vinyl truck bed toppers are really not the answer though. However, there are some great deals on hard truck bed covers out there.

One example I personally like is the Undercover Hard Tonneau Cover. For just under $700 this topper is a superb value. Installation of this unit takes less than 40 minutes and involves no drilling; it can removed in about one minute and it is 58 Lbs. less than comparable fiberglass tops.

The Folding Hard Tonneau Cover from Advance is a wonderful topper – seeing that the prices on this unit start at $649.00. Access to your truck bed, removal and storage of this model – along with a 1-year warranty make this a superbly attraction option as far as truck bed toppers go.

So if you are in a need of something that is going to weatherize and secure your pickup truck – one of the above truck bed toppers may be just the ticket for you. And if one of the above listed truck bed toppers doesn’t happen to quite fit the bill – just sit down at ye-ol’-computer and surf for a few minutes. The right product at the right price is bound to pop up sooner than you might think.