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Truck Bed Topper

If you're looking for something to protect your truck bed from the elements, or just something to protect your truck bed from the load you're carrying.  In order to do this, you're going to have to find a protective covering.

Well, the easy answer is to outfit that truck-o-yours with a sleek new track bed topper. I have actually found myself in this position quite recently so perhaps my experience in questing after the perfect truck topper for me can help steer you in the right direction in your quest for what it is you now need most - a brand new truck bed topper.

Because of my limited budget - the first place I happened to look was on E-bay. Well, all I can say is that I found what I was looking for if I could have just brought myself to willing adorn my red ’98 Ford Ranger with an ugly, used and faded blue truck bed topper. The price was right though - $99. And - hey - if I would have wanted to dump a couple hundred more into the deal - I am sure I could have found some kindly body shop guy to paint-her-up for me.

However, if you are looking for something that will serve the utilitarian aspects of your particular truck bed topper needs as well as making that pick-up of yours look sharper than it did when it first rolled off the lot - and you have some extra cash (or credit) on hand - then the choices become all that much more livable (so-to-speak).

For around a thousand dollars the Jason company will sell you a (custom made) Pace (model) truck bed topper. It is a sleek as it is affordable and Jason will custom make it to fir your particular needs, whims and desires. I personally would love one of these truck bed toppers. These seven-layered fiberglass gems come standard with 14” tinted windows, interior 12 volt light, Double \"T\" Handle Framed Rear Door and a limited lifetime warranty. The custom jobs may include a roof rack, re-enforced roof, double pane glass windows (or no side windows at all). They even have a nifty clothes hanger that attaches to the ceiling. This relatively low priced truck bed topper packs a real wallop for the money!

Another great value on a sharp looking truck bed topper would be the SuperTop from BesTop. Starting at less than $600 these truck toppers feature a durable stretch-and-set fabric that offers superior high stain and mildew resistance. Another great feature is the galvanized, powder-coated hardware that provides durability and a finished style. The patented Belt-Rail™ attachment system enables a snug fit and the industry-leading Bestop bow system with four unique attachment points offers the ultimate in easy top adjustability.

If you would like to make that pick up truck you bought look more like that SUV you (almost) bought and/or have more of a camper shell look and feel to your truck bed topper - Jason’s Extreme Series gives you just that - with your choice of several enticing options to boot. These truck bed toppers go for around $1,500.

And there are several other options out there my friends - and there is one that is just right for you - I am sure of it! So if you're out looking for a new truck bed topper, all you have to do is browse around the Internet as there are many different sites online that offer them.  It's quite easy to compare and contrast them this way too and you have the advantage of reading up on user reviews.