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Is Tow Truck Insurance Worth The Cost?


In a word, tow truck insuranceis absolutely worth the cost. As with almost all other vehicles, most states require commercial auto insurance for any vehicle that will be used in conjunction with a business. You will find that minimum coverage limits vary from state to state, but for the most part, states will have similar requirements, especially states that are close together. You can easily search for tow truck insurance quotes online. Here, you will be able to read more about common policies and specialty policies, as well as places to find these various types of insurance.

Types of Policies

For towing insurance, there are many selections you will have to make. Some of them will be based on state requirements, some will be based on additional components you have on your tow truck, and others will be based on additional items you want added to your policy. The best thing to do is to compare various companies' offerings of tow truck insurance, then decide which policy best suits the needs of your company.  

One popular addition to tow truck insurancepolicies is garage keepers insurance. This insures your truck while it is being stored. Remember that your tow truck needs to be protected when it is being operated as well as when it is not. Your truck may come into contact with dangerous materials at the yard or in the garage. Garage keepers help protect you from uncertainties in these places.  

On hook insurance is also an important component of tow truck insurance. This is what provides coverage for anything that might happen to the car you are towing. This is different from traditional cargo insurance because this cargo is typically more valuable than general cargo.  

Worker's compensation insurance is an add on that some companies choose to add because it covers you in the case that one of your employees is injured on the job. This is a valuable addition because hospital bills can add up quickly and be very costly for your company, but if you have worker's comp insurance coverage, it will help offset those costs.  

Where to Look 

The best place to search for tow truck insurance is online. That way, you can compare policies. The following companies have comprehensive websites where you fill out a short form and request a quote. Some of the quotes are instant ballpark figures, while others are submitted to the company, reviewed by an agent, and returned to you with in 24 to 48 hours.

· Royalty Truck Insurance

· Progressive Commercial—This is the commercial vehicle branch of the popular personal insurer Progressive.

· Independent Garage and Towing Contractors

· Pacific General Insurance Agency

· Urban Insurance Agency

· Auto Quote Wizard—This site allows you to receive quotes from numerous insurers while only having to fill out one form.

The most important part of having tow truck insuranceis knowing that you, your trucks, and your drivers are covered and protected in the even of an accident. By comparing rates and combining coverage, you can save money while finding the best coverage.