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The Tire Discounters Company - The Basics


Tire Discounters currently have physical store locations throughout Ohio, spreading into Indiana and Kentucky. If there is not a store near you, you can easily find all of their products, services, and tires online. This company specializes in giving its customers great deals on discount tires.


Tire Discounters consistently has excellent special deals. For example, each time you purchase a tire from the company, they provide complimentary rotation, balancing, and inflation. Additionally, if you purchase a set of four tires, you receive a free wheel alignment. These serves can add up at other places, so having them done for free here can help save you time and money. If there is not a location near you, you can still get in on the savings by visiting the Tire Discounters website. There is an entire section of the site dedicated to specials that are offered only online. For example, one of the monthly deals is that if you buy four Toyo tires, you get $50 off your purchase. Deals like these are always easy to find through Tire Discounters.


Tire Discounters offers items in addition to their large selection of tires. You can also find products such as a tire rack, a lift kit, or a body kit. These are offered both online as well as through the Tire Discounters Performance Store. This store offers items like brkaes from Brembo, Hawk, and Powerslot. You can also find custom wheels form companies like American Racing, Enkei, and TSW. There are engine performance enhancing products from Pro Charger, Hypertech, and G Reddy. Any of these accessories, as well as many more can be purchased in the Performance Store in store in person or through the online website.


What Tire Discounters is best know for is the sale and upkeep of wheels and tires. Whether you need truck tires, high performance tires, or just a new set of tires for the family sedan, you can find them here. In the store, one of the tire specialists can help you choose the best tires for your vehicle. Online, the comprehensive website can perform the same task. You can search tires by brand, type of car, or size. You can also search for wheels by bolt pattern, diameter, width, or finish. You can create your own custom set, or you can choose to go with a set that has already been manufactured. Then, with just a few clicks, you can buy all of your tires and tire needs right there online.

For a great deal on brand name tires, Tire Discounters is the place to go. Not only will you save money on the tires themselves, but you can also find an excellent value on the services that accompany those tires. From installation to inflation, Tire Discounters can cover all of your tire needs. Whether you shop their brick and mortar stores or their online stores, you will easily find a good deal.