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Step Vans For Sale - Types And Prices


A step van is a vehicle that is often used for sales. It is designed to be able to pull right up to a curb, then have people step up to the van to make their purchases. If you have ever bought a sweet treat from an ice cream truck, you probably bought it from a person driving step van. Other popular uses for these vans are as postal carriers, mobile food stands, and local delivery trucks. Step vans are usually box shaped, with large doors that are easy for the driver to step in to and out of. The following article will describe various step vans for sale as well as some of their prices.  


· Chevrolet P30 Step Van—Users like that this particular van, when being driven, feels much like driving an SUV. The prices vary on these vans. At the Used Step Van website, you can find a 1994 edition for $6500, or a  1997 edition for $17,500. There are also many selections between and around these two prices and years. 

· Ford E450 Step Van—This is one of the most popular step vans for sale that is still in production. The 2011 version sells for between $41,000 and $42,000, depending on what additional features you want to have included in it.  

· Freightliner MT45 Step Van—The Freighliner company has several step vans for sale. The MT45 is typically 16 feet long. Like most other step vans, this version has one driver's seat, and there is a fold-up driver's seat. There are many options you can have added to the truck, such as shelves installed on the sides, a desk bolted to the floor, refrigerated units to hold food items, and even cookers so you can make and sell food right from the van. 

· Freightliner MT55 Step Van—The Tool Truck website advertises several of this version of van. One of them is a 2003 in good condition, and its asking price is $25,000. This version of the van is 22 feet long. There are other lengths available.  

· Workhorse P-30 Step Van—This style of van is especially popular for use as a tool truck. It can bear the load that tools usually carry. It has enough space to fit a decent amount of tools. Some drivers prefer it because, since it is consider a light duty truck, its parts are more readily available and easier to find than some of its medium duty and heavy duty counterparts. Recently, on the Iron Planet website, a 1999 version of this van that had less than 50,000 miles sold for just under $1,000. At the Truck Paper website, a 2003 version of this van is being sold for about $22,000.  


So, as you can see, prices vary greatly, depending on the age of the vehicle, who is selling it, where it is being sold, and its general condition. You can buy a new step van or a used one. You will be able to find step vans for sale online, at dealerships, and through individual owners.