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Roll Top Cover

Tired of worrying about sneak thieves running off with anything of any value you happen to place in the bed of your truck? Tired of Mother Nature having her way with things you’ve placed back there that you would just as soon have her stay away from? What pickup truck owner isn’t? But then again – what pickup truck owner wants to lift one of those bulky tonneau covers every time he/she wants to put something in or take something out of his/her pickup truck? Well don’t despair because there is most certainly a logical and quite affordable solution – the roll top cover.

A good roll top cover will easily roll back or up quite effortlessly. And it will be as secure as it is sleek and as weatherproof as it is economical.

For under $700 the Pace Edwards Roll-Top Tonneau Cover is an excellent buy. And – it is most likely the most popular roll top cover on the market today. The Pace Edwards Roll-Top is made from a solid piece of padded polymer that is laminated to heavy-gauge aluminum panels, it has a smooth, black, scratch resistant powder-coat finish on all aluminum trim, is highly weather resistant and the roll top retracts automatically or can be closed easily and quietly from either side of the truck - using only one hand. Also - it has a 3-year warranty.

The BAK RollBAK Tonneau Cover G2 is custom designed and completely assembled at the factory to fit your pickup truck, it is 100% aluminum with a rugged baked on black enamel finish and it comes with a two-year warranty. Also -this little beauty will not only protect and secure what’s inside your pickup truck but will save you a bundle at the pump because of its superior aerodynamic design. For just under $900 – this roll top cover is still a real bargain!

(The above roll top cover is comparable to the Pace Edwards JackRabbit Retractable Tonneau Cover in quality, features and design. The Pace Edwards product, however, comes with a 3-year warranty.)

For right around a grand you can pick up a Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Cover. While a wee bit pricey – this cover is worth every penny and more! Those who have purchased this unit consistently give it a 5-star rating. One owner/reviewer called it “the very best thing going.” Roll-N-Lock boasts that this unit has a “unique frictionless construction” and from numerous testimonials from owners – it appears to be a boast that is most certainly backed up.

And so – if you are in the market for a new cover for your pickup truck – consider the advantages of a quality roll top cover. Its superior weather resistance, security, ease of operation and general aesthetic appeal may be worth the little extra you pay for one of these units. And if you shop online – the savings can be absolutely enormous.