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Refrigerated Truck Rental

In order to transport heat-sensitive material, you might be interested in selecting a refrigerated truck rental. Two of the major brand names that deal in this market are Ryder and Penske. Also, you may be able to find a local truck rental company that has refrigerated trucks in addition their regular trucks. These trucks are good for transporting food and drinks. For example, if you are a farm owner who needs to transport a crop to several different stores, you might not need to own a refrigerated truck because you would not use it very often. A rental would be a better option. This truck would help you keep your crop fresh while getting it from place to place.

At Ryder, you can choose between a refrigerated truck rental or a refrigerated trailer rental. The truck comes in several sizes, the smallest being 14 feet long and the longest is 24 feet long. The other selections are in two foot increments between the limits. At the Ryder website, you can reserve the truck for the proper dates and locations.

One caution about renting from here is that the refrigerated truck rental has to be picked up from and returned to the same location. So, when selecting the time you will have the truck, that should factor into your decision making. Additionally, Ryder offers trailers. These are much bigger than the trucks. And, unlike the trucks that you can drive, the trailers must be hooked up to your own vehicle. So, you need to be sure that your vehicle will support the weight and girth of the trailer you select.

Penske offers a refrigerated truck rental program as well. Penske's trucks are between 18 and 26 feet, so if you need something a little bigger, this might be the best company for you. They also have some trucks that require a CDL and others that do not. So, be sure you choose the correct one when making your reservation.

Penske also offers an option that is different from Ryder when it comes to pick up and drop off. Penske will allow you to pick up in one place and drop off in another. This may come in handy if you are trying to save on cost because you will not have the truck rented for quite so long, and you will save on gas. Whatever you choose, be sure you can have the necessary ability and equipment to handle the refrigerated truck rental.