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Looking for new pickup truck tires is simplified by using the internet.  The internet is a great resource for researching truck tires.  All manufacturers and most dealers of pickup truck tires can be located on the web.  The available information is extensive.  Many dealer sites, such as Firestone and BF Goodrich, offer helpful information about their tires’ quality and performance, tire safety information, tire care recommendations, emergency road services, etc.. 

Consumer reviews of tires are posted on many sites.  It is beneficial to know the opinions of current owners.  This will provide some insight on the pickup truck tires.  A lot of manufacturers and dealers will post a 5 out of 5 star rating system, also.  Compiling this information will help in the decision making process.

There are numerous pickup truck tires on the market.  It is important to consider and compare features.  Several of BF Goodrich’s top sellers are:

1. The Radial Long Trail T/A  :  This is an original equipment tire for light trucks made for highway driving.  It has good tread wear and performance.  This tire has excellent traction and handling on dry, wet, or snow covered roads and has low road noise.

2. The Radial T/A  :  This “muscle” tire has a wide profile and a classic appearance.  This tire has very good performance and low road noise.  As North America’s first high performance tire, with about 40 years of racing experience, it boasts superior traction, wet or dry.

3. The Rugged Trail T/A  :  This original equipment truck tire was made for highway driving with all terrain performance.  It is durable with long tread wear.  This tire provides a comfortable ride and has low noise.  The Rugged Trail T/A has an off road appearance and reversible black or white sidewall design.

4. The All Terrain T/A KO  :  This all terrain truck tire has a rugged, aggressive appearance that adds style to any truck, or SUV.  The tire has wider shoulder grooves to provide maximum off road traction.  It is durable with good tread wear and has super sidewall strength.

All of these pickup truck tires can be found at BF Goodrich online. Researching and comparing popular quality truck tires provides the consumer with the knowledge required to make the most suitable selection for new tires.  Amazon, Google, Yahoo and others supply a wealth of information on purchasing truck tires and would be of great assistance to any shopper.