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Nissan Truck Bed Cover

Looking for a truck bed cover that will fit perfectly and look great on your Nissan pickup truck? Well – there is certainly no shortage of choices out there. So I personally have sifted through a wide array of covers in an effort to help you find the right Nissan truck bed cover for you.

For well under $200 the Torzatop company makes a super reasonably priced truck bed cover. This is a vinyl cover snap on jobbie with black aluminum rails. This unit will keep a good deal of the weather out and will save you (according to the manufacturer) about 8% on gasoline.

Moving up in quality, durability and convenience there is the Extang Trifecta Folding Tonneau Cover that I have seen for as low as $386.10 – and it is chock full of quality features. Its setup is said to be faster and easier than any other comparable unit on the market today, its all-aluminum frame is sturdy, durable and unbelievably weather resistant, it has a ten-year tarp warranty and a lifetime warranty on the frame.

The BAK Industries 26501 - 2000-2001 Nissan Frontier Truck Bed Cover fits 2000 through 2004 Nissan pickups. For under $700 this a great value if you happen to own one of these older Nissan Frontier pickup trucks. (A comparable cover is made for newer Nissan Frontiers but the price shoots up about $200.) This particular Nissan truck bed cover allows for easy access, saves up to 11% on fuel consumption, installs quickly and easily with no drilling and comes with a 1-year warranty. It also is custom made to fit your truck like a glove.

If you own a late model Nissan pickup truck (2006-2010) you might just find the Lazer Lite Tonneau Nissan truck bed cover to be more to your liking. This cover is made of high-grade aluminum so it is less than half the weight of comparable plastic (ABS) and fiberglass units. Yet – it is incredibly strong. Feature for feature – this Nissan truck bed cover leaves the competition behind in a puff of smoke. Leak proof, 30-second removal time, low profile and easy no-drill installation etc. – the Lite Tonneau Nissan truck bed cover scores excellent marks in all of these categories.

And the choices abound but I really think that one of the above choices may actually fit your particular needs the best. And if not – do a little searching of your own – there are plenty of competitors making good quality covers out there these-a-days. And – in-any-event – good luck in your quest for the perfect Nissan Truck bed cover for you.