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Nissan Titan Bed Cover

You love your Nissan Titan pickup truck – right? But what you may not always love is how the rain, wind and sun wreck havoc on whatever you put in the bed – or how you have to temporarily store anything and everything of value in the cab when you stop at a store or restaurant. One of the best and least expensive solutions for these problems is a Nissan Titan bed cover. And while you can have your dealer install a Nissan Titan bed cover for – well – it is actually hard to find a price for that without going to a Nissan dealer – so your best be would, most-likely be to purchase a quality after factory cover and install it yourself. Major brands include Undercover, Truxedo, Lund, Extang, Access, Bak Industries and Pace Edwards. All of these particular manufacturers make great quality bed covers with a range of features that will not only, most-likely, fit your needs but your budget as well.

If you don’t mind an aluminum bed cover then Bak Industries makes a bed cover that can be purchased for under $300 at Rad Toys Central. Other outlets sell this particular unit for up three times as much (by-the-way) so – shop carefully on this one.

However, if you would prefer a soft vinyl cover – Extang makes a foldable cover called the Trifecta that you can purchase for right around $300 if you shop wisely.

The lowest priced cover I have come across is the Lund 99081 Genesis Seal Peel Non-Locking Tonneau Cover, which I have seen for a little as $184.

Moving up a bit in quality is the Truxedo (Shur-co) 597101 Tonneau Cover for under $400. This is a soft-top vinyl Nissan Titan bed cover that boasts a five-minute installation.

If you have a 2008 – 2009 Nissan Titan with an eight-foot bed than the Truxedo Premium Low-Profile Pickup Tonneau Cover may be your best after-factory option without moving up to a hard cover top. For $489.99 though – this soft vinyl Nissan Titan bed cover is really not such a bad deal at all. It is incredibly durable as well as weather resistant.

If you happen to be looking for something really top-of-the-line then check out the BAK RollBAK G-2 Tonneau Cover. While this snazzy looking and phenomenally durable cover lists for the hefty sum of $1,599 - it usually sells for just under a grand and is worth every penny. This RollBak features the strongest aluminum slats of all retractable tonneau covers, easy clamp on installation, black powder coated enamel for long lasting protection against the weather and a 1 year warranty.

So, if you are in the market for a bed cover, check out the above listed covers and companies for your best deal on a Nissan Titan bed cover.