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Mini Trucks For Sale - How Can You Use Them?


Mini trucks are exactly what they sound like—miniature versions of regular sized trucks. These began in Japan, but they are quickly gaining popularity in the rest of the world. Variations of the Japanese mini truck can be seen on college campuses across America. With the rising popularity of smaller cars like the smart car, trucks have been following suit. You can find mini trucks for salein a variety of places; you just have to know where to look.

Types of Mini Trucks

You can choose whether you want a four wheel drive or a rear wheel drive mini truck. Most people go for the four wheel drive because it gives them better versatility in driving terrain. Japanese car makers like Honda, Suzuki, Mazda, and Mitsubishi all have versions of mini trucks for sale. They are, respectively, the Acty, Carry, Scrum, and Minicab. In the cab, you can comfortably seat two adults. For the bed of the truck, you can pick a flatbed or a pickup bed. The bed capacity is usually between 800 and 1000 pounds, and the trucks can tow up to 1500 pounds.

Mini Trucks at College

One of the most popular targets of mini trucks for salehave been university campuses. These smaller trucks are easier to guide around between buildings, down sidewalks, and between streams of students. This gives the university grounds crew an easy way to maneuver around campus while still allowing them the space they need to haul around small equipment. Because the cab of the mini, or kei truck, is inclosed, the driver stays dry, warm, and shaded. These kei trucks are also popular because they are more energy efficient than larger trucks, and they give you more hauling ability than a golf cart.

Mini Trucks for Personal Use

Hunters and recreational vehicle users are often turning to mini trucks for salein place of things like ATVs, RTVs, or golf carts. These trucks are great to take on hunting trips because they are tough enough to travel through all kinds of terrain, small enough to squeeze between trees and other forest hazards, and spacious enough to carry equipment out to the hunting site and to carry the haul back home. There are also other recreational uses for mini trucks, such as off roading and mudding. These mini trucks are not approved for highway driving, but they can take the place of any all terrain vehicle. Because they are all 4x4s, they can easily travel to any off road location.

Mini Trucks for Help With Work

Whether you work in a warehouse or on a farm, you will find that a mini truck can come in handy. In a large warehouse, you can transport merchandise across relatively long distances. For example, you may have to move a load of boxes from one end of your warehouse to the other. For this, a mini truck would allow you to load up the boxes and quickly drive them to where they need to be. On a farm, you can replace larger trucks or less powerful golf carts with mini trucks.

There are a limited number of actual stores where you can go to find mini trucks for sale, but for the most part, you will have to stick to Internet sales places right now. As these vehicles become more popular, more places will begin to sell them in person. For mini truck parts, your best bet is to use an online mini truck dealer.