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Magnetic Truck Signs

Increasing in popularity, magnetic truck signs are becoming easier to find at many different places. They have long been available on the internet and through specialty printing shops, but they are now also available in places like auto parts stores, mass merchandise stores, and even gas stations. Magnetic truck signs are a great way to advertise your business, service, or goods throughout the world. You can find local or national truck drivers to drive your advertising across the area, state, or even nation.

One of the best places to find magnetic truck signs is online at the Magnetic Signs On Time website. Here, you can create and design your own signs, starting at $24.50 per sign. You can choose to have a sign that just has text on it, or you can choose to add a graphic or an image. These are available in both full-color and black and white. You have huge creative license, as you can choose any color, any font, any size, and any style for your sign. The advertising can really pay off, though, as you can reach great distances with just a little money down.

If you prefer a sign that is premade, a good place to look is an auto shop. This sign would probably not be used for advertisement so much as decoration. These can cost as little as $5. Magnetic truck signs are also popular at gas stations and truck stops. You can choose from something humorous--for example, “My other truck is a Zamboni,” or something more serious such as a cautionary sign about how your truck may make wide right turns. There are also signs that offer support for our troops, allow you to express an opinion, show your feelings about various political candidates, and many other options for expressing yourself.

If you are a truck driver, magnetic truck signs are a nice way to earn a little extra money. Drivers can charge local businesses or other advertisers a certain fee in exchange for parading that person or company's sign around on the side of your vehicle. Be cautious if you do not own the truck you operate. Some trucking companies have specific limitations about what you can have on the outside of their trucks. If you own your own truck, a magnetic sign is a little safer. You can charge your advertiser by distance, by time, or a flat fee.