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What are the Different Types of Jeeps for Sale?


Jeeps have been a brand for over seventy years.  They grew in popularity after proving their  worth in world wars as battle-tested, rugged vehicles that can do anything.  With a spirit of freedom that have pushed alongside 4x4 owners to take conquer challenge after challenge ever since.  Prior to the 1940s it started with the Willys and CJ model jeeps.  The CJ grew from the 1950s and changed alongside the stronger Cherokee and Wagoneers of the 60's and 70's.  Those continued along through the 80's and 90's with the Wranglers, Commanders, and Liberty of 2000. 

One of the best ways to find Jeeps for sale in your local area or in places you plan to visit is to locate the Jeep Dealer tool on their website.  You can try locating ones via a search network like Google or Yahoo, but they may have older information that what would be available on the Jeep website.  With their tool you can locate ones via a zip code, city and state, and by dealer name.  It will also explain the extra services found at the location like online shopping services, shuttle service, fleet elite, oil change, Saturday service, and Spanish speaking locations.  Another great option it covers is used jeeps for sale.  These are certified pre-owned jeeps and jeep parts. 

The following are a few models that have survived through ages to represent Jeep's new model lineup for 2011.  These are all Jeeps for sale and available now.

  • The Tried and True Models
    • 2011 Jeep Wrangler and 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
      • The Wrangler model starts at $22,000.  This is as basic as jeeps for sale get, but with the Unlimited tag it becomes a $25,000 starting price.  You can add all the bells and whistles, but with those the price rises.  For fun you can customize a jeep to suit you on their website's “Build Your Own” option.
    • 2011 Grand Cherokee
      • These start at $30,000 before anything is added on.  You can build and customize these with the website's “Build Your Own” option

When you are ready to sell your jeep or trade it in for a new one, the best place to begin is with a Jeep dealer.  You can usually get a little more money for trade in if the dealership can actually make money on what you are trading in.  So it makes sense that they would accept a reasonably in-shape jeep.  One tip to help your trade in, make sure you spend that little bit of money to make it run and work well for another person.  It will pay off in the amount of your trade in price. 

Just like any vehicle you purchase, always remember to shop around.  Even if you find a vehicle and fall in love with you should look at other prices and compare.  Who know it may help that dealer lower its price.  Or you could find something that is a better fit to your choices and budget.  Impulsive purchase do not always work out.  Remember that the best Jeeps for sale is one that creates opportunities not takes them away.