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Hybrid Truck

If you want to consciousness of going green but you still need the utility of a large vehicle, the best automobile choice for you might be a hybrid truck. This vehicle will have all the power and capacity of a traditional truck, but its combination of both gasoline and electric power is better for the environment and your wallet. A hybrid truck can be used for personal or business purposes. One thing that people are often surprised to find out is that in addition to the traditional pickup truck, there are also heavy duty industrial trucks available as hybrids.

Paccar is a company located in Bellevue, Washington, that started running tests of of their commercial hybrid trucks in Europe in 2008. While these trucks do have a higher price tag than other traditional gas or diesel trucks, you will eventually save money by saving on fuel costs. At this time, commercial hybrid trucks have not reached mass popularity, but there are many companies trying to make the hybrid truck available on a universal level.

There are currently two major companies making a version of the hybrid truck, but there are several concepts in the works. One of the most popular hybrid concepts is the Toyota A-BAT. It has a four foot bed, and inside the cab, it can seat four people. There are parts of the rear seats that fold down to let the bed extend to a six foot capacity. This gives you some adjustability and flexibility in using the vehicle. Since this is still a concept vehicle, the end result is not definite. In fact, the reality of the concept becoming a truck that is actually made and carried by Toyota is not definite.

Another unique thing about the hybrid truck is that it often comes with advanced technological extras. Most of them have a factory installed GPS. The Toyota, for example, has a seven inch screen GPS that retracts into the dash. This GPS is powered by solar panels located on the truck. Another popular feature in hybrids is the internet capabilities. Many of the hybrid vehisles now come fully equipped with Wi-Fi, or wireless internet. This allows you to utilize a variety of tools in your vehicle. It can also give your passengers something to do while they are on the road.

When choosing a hybrid truck, you want to consider several things. First, are you willing to front the extra money to save in the end? You will save on fuel costs, but you will also save with things like tax discounts for purchasing a fuel efficient vehicle. Second, you need to think about repairs. Sometimes, a newer type of vehicle is harder to get repaired. If you need a replacement part or special attention, this is sometimes difficult to find. You may want to check around with local mechanics to see their opinions on the vehicle.