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Hybrid Pickup Truck

A hybrid pickup truck is part of the next generation of vehicles. Hybrid automobiles are gaining in popularity because they use significantly less fuel than traditional autos. Instead of completely running on gasoline, hybrids run on a mix of electricity and gas. There have been cars around using this technology for several years, but trucks are now beginning to join the ranks. Currently, there are few of these on the market. However, as gas prices continue to rise, you can feel confident in knowing that people will begin looking for alternatives to filling up a tank with gas. A hybrid is one of the more popular alternatives. There are two major brands of hybrid pickup truck currently on the market.

The first hybrid pickup truck is the Chevy Silverado Hybrid. This is a full size pickup truck that is available in eight factory colors. In addition, the Silverado gets between 20 and 25 miles per gallon, which is far better than any of the other common trucks currently for sale. This truck starts at $38,340. If you add on additional accessories or options, the price will go up. Consumers generally like the truck, saying that it is still a powerful vehicle, despite the changes that had to be made to it to turn it into a hybrid truck.

The second hybrid pickup truck is the GMC Sierra Hybrid. This truck gets the same gas milage as the Silverado. Its cost starts at $38,710. It's available in seven different colors, and it is fully customizable. The GMC website boasts that the Sierra Hybrid has every bit of power as a typical truck on the market. This truck can tow up to 6100 pounds, making it excellent for towing a trailer.

If you need to power of a pickup truck but you are worried about the environment, you want to look for a hybrid pickup truck. While there are currently a limited number of these trucks on the market, they are growing in popularity, so the future will certainly see a number of additions. In the age of “going green,” you can still maintain your power and hauling capacity without sacrificing the ozone layer. Do be aware that a hybrid pickup truck does, in fact use gasoline; it just does not use as much gas as a typical truck would use. Overall, you can feel confident in and good about buying a hybrid pickup truck because it is strong yet leaves a low impact.