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Heavy Haul Trucking Companies

Heavy haul trucking companies are useful for transporting extremely heavy loads across town or across the country. There are several major companies that can provide this service. The five main heavy haul trucking companies are Anderson Trucking Service Heavy Haul, TransAmerican, Sherman Brothers Trucking, Ship North America Transportation, and Powell Trucking. These companies all specialize in hauling especially large loads. Their flatbed trucks can support between 55 and 150 tons, depending on the company. These trucking companies are equipped with large, heavy-duty trucks to transport large amounts of cargo.

One of the heavy haul trucking companies is Trans American. Their main branch is located in Plainfield, New Jersey, and they have a satellite location in Baltimore, Maryland. They can carry cargo across the 48 contiguous United States, as well as parts of Canada. They have 15 different standard trucks to choose from, including variations on the flatbed, the single drop, and the lowboy. They also have five styles of specialty trucks, including the multi-axle lowboys. Trans American is one of the most reputable heavy haul trucking companies.

Another one of the major heavy haul trucking companies is Ship North America. This company can handle up to 55 tons at a time. They have a wide variety of equipment choices, including double drops, extendables, lowboys, removable goosnecks, and some other specialty equipment. They can haul across the United States and Canada. On the SNA website, you can request a quote, learn more about the equipment the company offers, view a coverage map, and find pretty much any other information you would need to know when selecting a trucking company.

When choosing from the heavy haul trucking companies, you need to consider several things:

1. Load size. Each company has a different load size limit—both in weight and dimension. Before you finalize your decision, you need to make sure the company you choose can handle your load.

2. Location. You need to consider several locations. These include where the trucking company is, where your load is located, and where your load is going to. You might want to choose a company that is close to either where your load originates or where your load needs to end up. This will cut down some on travel time for the company, which can cut down on your final cost.

3. Reputation. You should find out some background information on the heavy haul trucking companies before you choose one. Ask coworkers and peers and search the internet for reviews on the company.