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Hard Truck Bed Cover

Ok – so you have looked at or even tried the less expensive soft-top bed covers and they just don’t seem to do it for you. Not to worry – there are some great hard truck bed covers out there that are bound to fit your budget and your needs as well.

The lowest priced hard truck bed cover I have come across is the Armor Lid Tonneau Cover. This cover is very impressive for a cover that costs less than $500. Its lid is made of a lightweight and highly durable polymer – which can be easily removed and hung on your garage wall when not in use. The 3-year warranty on the lid and 1-year on the lift struts makes this unit an incredibly smart buy.

BAK Industries makes a tilt-up hard truck bed cover for under $630 (at AutoAnything) that will absolutely knock your socks off for the price - The BAK TiltBak Tonneau Cover. It is light weight, custom made to fit your vehicle, it is constructed from ding-resistant TPO material with a waterproof EPS core, it will not crack, fade, rust, squeak, overheat or corrode, it will support up to 300 Lbs while only weighing in at 45 Lbs itself. This is truly an amazing cover for the price.

Want to get a little bit fancier? The Undercover SE Tonneau Cover can be purchased for as low as - $719. This baby comes with a built in LED lighting system, it secures your gear with center-point Twist-Lock that lets you open with or without a key, assembles in about 30 minutes and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Or do you want to go all out? The Gaylord company makes a hard bed truck cover (or two) that will blow even the fussiest truck owners away. With a durable, high gloss paint job that is painted to exactly match your existing paint job, quality, resin filled fiberglass, honeycomb construction, twin pop-up T-handles with a slam-latch system for convenience and security and a lifetime warranty. This hard truck bed cover is as impressive as it is practical and secure.

And of course – there are many other options out there as well. And if one of the above hard truck bed covers doesn’t quite do it for you then sit down at you computer and start surfing a bit – with the abundance of choices in hard truck bed covers out there – there is bound to be one that fits your budget , whims desires and practical needs perfectly. Happy hunting!