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Where And How To Find Handicap Vans For Sale


Getting the best value and guaranteed lowest prices on handicap vans for saletakes a little shopping around. Always keep in mind that they should meet and exceed all federal safety standards for handicap accessible vans. You should be aware if the company you are dealing with has the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association and the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association Quality Assurance Program. The NMEDA is a non-profit trade association for mobility equipment dealers, driver rehabilitation specialists, and any other professional that is dedicated to creating opportunities for people with disabilities to drive ore be driven in converted vehicles. NMEDA QAP is the accreditation program that these professionals can receive for excellence.

Double checking the standards and regulations the company you want to purchase from is very important to your safety and performance. If you are struggling to find out if the companies that offer handicap vans for saleare following the regulations set by the American's with Disabilities Act and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you can ask them for their certifications and look for stickers and posters that should be readily displayed on their site or their location.

If you are struggling to find wheelchair accessible vans, consider getting a basic van converted into one. Companies like Adaptive Mobility Systems build and offer wheelchair vans for sale. Their conversions strictly exceed the year's latest Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations (FMVSS), as well as crash test standards. You have the option of side or rear entry wheelchair lift vans. These will are available with a power or manual handicap ramp for easy accessibility. Plus every handicap van for sale or van conversion for sale comes with a 7 year / 70,000 mile limited conversion warranty. Be sure to review this before purchasing and leaving the lot. You can find a local dealer by visiting their website and searching a city near you.

The following locations are the top ten in trade of handicap vans, conversion, and handicap vans for sale. All locations listed are located with in the United States and have multiple locations throughout.

  • Adaptive Mobility Systems

  • America's Mobility Solutions

  • Mobility Vans USA

  • The Mobility Resource

  • Handicap Vans for Sale

  • Mobility Works – Adaptive Vehicles

  • BraunAbility

  • Total Mobility Services

  • Aero Mobility

  • Rollx Vans

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before shopping.

  1. Is the pain and fatigue caused by transferring from your chair to the vehicle too much? Have you been hurt riding in a typical car seat or is it uncomfortable?

    1. Many people can have injuries resulting from that step out of their wheelchair. Normal vehicle chairs are not made to comfort everyone's body, just a typical shape. Even some larger, either height or weight, struggle to sit in normal seats.

  2. Are you struggling with the idea of crossing over to the wheelchair accessible vans?

    1. Some people consider purchasing a wheelchair accessible van as giving up some of their last rights as a person. Overcoming this notion can be difficult, but if you consider all the options available to you. Many vans you would never even know they were driven by a person with disabilities.

  3. Will it relieve the work on your caretaker or family?

    1. Many people rely on some form of caretake for transportation, so consider what will happen by having a handicap accessible vehicle.

  4. Lastly, can you afford it?

    1. Customize vehicles will come with extra cost, make sure you look at what you want and budget accordingly.

While you are deciding on the best location to search their stock of handicap vans for sale, you should also keep in mind the type of vehicle you want. There are many budget friendly used and new options on large and small vans. The brands are the same as most vehicles, so do not fall to the misconception that you need to get an bland white van with a huge ramp. You have option that do not even appear to have wheelchair accessibility. So, do not forget to shop your new Dodge, Chrysler, Honda, Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet and more.