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GPS For Trucks

If you are in the market for gps for trucks, you need to look for systems that will be reliable, easy to use, and tough. Gps, or global positioning systems, use satellites to communicate with your personal gps device to show exactly where you are on the earth. The systems can also show where you want to be and the best way to get there. When looking for gps for trucks, you definitely want to make a selection that has an option to view upcoming traffic and weather. This will let you know if you need to plan for a detour or other accommodations. There are three major brands of gps that are especially built for trucks: WorldNav, CoPilot, and Randy McNally Truck.

WorldNav has four different gps for trucks. The newest is the WorldNav 7300. It features a 7 inch full color touch screen. At just under $350, this is a useful investment. It provides valuable information for truck drivers, such as bridge heights, road widths, and travel conditions. The WorldNav 3300 has a smaller screen—only 3.5 inches, but it is still a full color touch screen. It is a little more affordable at $250. There are two other models: the 5 inch WorldNav 5100 and the 7 inch WorldNav 7200. They cost $319 and $549, respectively. The best deal for the money is definitely the 7300, as it has the best features for the most reasonable price.

CoPilot offers both a laptop-compatible and a handheld navigator style of gps for trucks. The laptop-compatible version comes in a USB form. You plug the receiver into your computer in the cab, and your laptop becomes a complete gps navigation system. This costs about $250, without the laptop. If you prefer a handheld unit, the Navigator comes with a 4, 5, or 7 inch screen. These cost $290, $340, and $400, respectively.

Finally, Rand McNally Truck makes gps for trucks. You can choose between the Intelliroute TND 500 or 700. The 500 model has a 5 inch screen and costs about $350. One unique feature of the Rand McNally gps is that they automatically determine which state you are in, and they are preloaded with state speed limits, so they can more accurately calculate how fast you should be going, as well as determine your travel time. The 700 model also comes equipped with this feature. It has a 7 inch touch screen, and it costs about $450. Another advantage these gps have over other gps for trucks is that these units are produced by a company associated with high quality maps, and that legacy makes the products more popular.