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Why And Where To Get Diesel Trucks For Sale


Understand the Difference Between Gasoline & Diesel  

The difference in diesel trucks for sale and gasoline driven trucks is all in the fuel.  Gasoline and Diesel Fuel are the two main sources of energy for most vehicles on the road today.  You cannot interchange the fuel types in the same vehicle without completely changing the engine and fuel system.  The bottom line is that though they create the same effect, they are not the same thing.  Both are derivatives of crude oil and aside from the chemical differences they are burned differently in an engine. 

·         Diesel Engines 

   Use spark plugs to ignite gasoline, which is due to the low compression ratio in gasoline engines 

   Typical Stroke Cycle 

·         Gasoline and Air are combined and pushed into the cylinder 

·         It is compressed 

·         Spark plugs fire and ignite mixture which explodes 

·         The explosion forces the piston up and power to be made 

·         Burned mixture is pushed out the exhaust pipe 

·         Gasoline Engines 

   These have higher compression ratios, so instead of needing a spark to ignite the chemicals burst under the extreme pressure to make the energy.   

   Typical Stroke Cycle 

·         Air is forced into the cylinder. 

·         Diesel fuel is added. 

·         Compression ignites the mixture 

·         Explosion pushes the piston to power the engine. 

·         Burned mixture is pushed out the exhaust pipe. 


Diesel Trucks for Sale:  Why Now? 

In a number crunching and budget savvy age, diesel trucks are beginning to compete with the new and expensive hybrids on the auto market.  Diesel powered trucks are more fuel efficient than gasoline powered trucks and get every that extra mile out of every gallon of gas.  Most people rely on diesel to provide 30% more miles per gallon than gasoline will.  Many people are stuck on the loud, stinky, and environmentally unsound past issues of the diesel engine.  Do not let them fool you.  Diesel trucks for sale now have the cleaner diesel fuel with a lower sulfur content than any other previous mixture.  New vehicle technologies are now trapping and filtering troublesome engine particulate emissions to assist with the clean fuel move.  One of the best reasons to choose a diesel truck is price.  Diesel prices are usually always cheaper than gasoline prices.   


More Information 

There is never too much information.  Keep that in mind when you have started discovering the new world of diesel trucks for sale on today's auto market.  The next step is to put all that to work for you and your quest.  The following are several locations that have diesel trucks for sale on most lots.  If you do not see one, find a car you like and ask to see their diesel version in a catalog.  It will be the same, except for the better gas mileage most of the time.  Also, if you live in California, New York, Massachusetts, Maine or Vermont you will have to purchase one out of state, due to emission laws in that state.


·         Dealerships 

   Ford Diesel Trucks 

   Chevrolet Diesel Trucks  

   Dodge Diesel Trucks 

   GMC Diesel Trucks 

·         Other Options 

   Local Classifieds 

   Search car advertisements 

   Search for personal ads that say “Diesel Truck for Sale” 

   Place an Ad saying you want one. 

   Trader Magazines or Papers 

   Auto Websites or Auction Site (like Ebay Motors)