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Are Conversion Vans Still Relevant?

Long before luxury SUVs and loaded mini vans, conversion vans were the perfect vehicles to turn into your home away from home. One of the earliest of these vans was a GMC conversion van. It was followed by many other manufacturers' versions. Today, it is easy to find a used conversion van in the classic style. There are also many new takes on the idea, so you can also find a new conversion van. Conversion vans can be used for work, travel, or every day tasks.

For work, many companies like conversion vans because they can be equipped with amenities to give you a traveling office. You can have electrical outlets installed to plug in computers, cameras, or any other electronic equipment. Some of the traveling office vans even have desks and chairs installed in the back. Documentary and other film crews also like to use these vans because they can easily stow away all of their equipment and drive it to the location where they need to be. Because everything is in a centralized place, if the crew needs to pick up and move, they can do it quickly and easily.

You can also use a van for travel. Many people choose to camp with their conversion vans. The van may have a bench seat in the back that can be pulled out flat into a full sized bed. Some vans even have extensions on the rear that pull out into a camper. Vans are suitable for hauling small camping trailers, and they are spacious enough to hold any equipment you might need while camping. A conversion van has comfortable seats, making it a vehicle that can be used for leisurely outings or serious trips. Typically, a conversion van intended for pleasurable use will have two captains chairs in the front, two captains chairs in the center, and a bench seat in the back. The middle chairs can turn around to face the rear, and there is a removable table that can be easily set up so the people in the middle and back of the van can enjoy a round of cards or casual conversation.

A conversion van is a convenient way for families to haul many things. Mom can load the groceries up in the back and the kids up in the middle. Dad can haul around sports equipment and still make sure all the kids get to practice on time. For day to day tasks, conversion vans are a great way to keep the kids entertained while you are out running errands. You can have dvd players installed into the backs of the seats so that each child can watch his or her own show while he or she is in the van.

Whether you are looking for used conversion vans or a newer style luxury van, you will be able to find one at many used car dealerships, online, or you can look into having your own van customized to create a conversion that will fit the needs of you and your family. Though they may look different from the originals, conversion vans are certainly still useful today.