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Compact SUV

One of the most highly requested vehicle is the compact SUV and it has been for few decades.  It is in a class of small sport utility vehicles that are usually no longer than thirteen to 18 feet in length, but do not confuse it with the mini suvs that range under thirteen feet.  Looking back at the vehicles meager beginnings with Chevrolet's Blazer and Ford's Bronco it is surprising that they made it this far.   The first group of models were built on their pickup truck bases and now they have their own design.  Current models can even be considered crossover vehicles with their monocoque construction and limited off-road capabilities.

If you are researching compact SUVs then you are no doubt, considering purchasing one or at least getting more information for a future purchase.  So, the next question you need to ask yourself is why the compact SUV is right for you.  These vehicles are for the driver who want more cargo room than the typical sedan, but still retain the fuel economy of the smaller vehicles.  Compacts are not super tough off-road vehicles, but with the right accessories you can really make a go at it.  However, they do offer a little more ground clearance for less than ideal terrain. 

In 2010, the compact SUV has seen one of the highest demands since its arrival on the market. The following are three of the highest ranked vehicles on the road:

Volkswagen Tiquan

This new a fuel efficient compact with a 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder turbocharged engine that offers at least 200 horsepower.  It offers a simple and smooth 6-speed automatic transmission that will achieve 19 MPG in the city atmosphere and an amazing 26 MPG on the highway.   The entire package is wrapped up at an affordable starting price of $23,200.

Volvo XC60

Another new vehicle for 2010, is the Volvo XC60 who prides itself one of the safest compact SUVs on the road.  It offers a roll stability control, blind-spot warning, and a backup camera in its basic model.  Also, standard is the 3.0 liter, 6 cylinder turbocharged engine with over 281 horsepower and almost 300 PF of torque.  This base models starts at $31,000.

Honda CR-V

This vehicle has been part of the compact SUV market for a few years now with its well-know reliability.  As with many top quality Hondas, it supports a 2.4 liter DOHC i-VTEC 4 cylinder engine.  The newer 2010 model offers about 10 more horsepower than the original 166 for a total of nearly 180 with the right tuning. 

Your next step is to test drive your favorite compact SUV.  This is the best way to really get a feel for what you want out of a car.  If space is important, numbers may sound great, but seeing it and seeing what will fit in it make it a reality.