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How Do You Find Commercial Trucks For Sale?

It is possible to find commercial trucks for sale both new and used, both locally or online.  Purchasing a new commercial truck will ensure that you have a working vehicle in the tip top condition that is ready to drive and haul once it leaves the lot.  Should you decide or are leaning toward a used commercial truck it will save you money significantly, but you will have concerns and possible issues with the truck.  Keep in mind though that most reputable lots would not sell a used vehicle if it was not ready to run, especially to a business customer.  Once you make your decision, new or used, you need to begin your research on noteworthy brands, models, and extras.  You are able to do this in person or online.   


Where to Find Commercial Trucks for Sale 

·         Commercial Truck Trader  

   This site allows you to not only research different types of commercial trucks for sale, but it allows you to sell your own and auction them as well.  You can even find international trucks and popular brands like Peterbilt, Volvo, and Mack Truck. One of the easiest ways to begin is by searching through the categories of trucks.  Luckily this site breaks it down to the largest and most popular groups on separate sites.  These are separate sites labeled light, medium, trailer, and heavy duty truck trader.  From there it breaks it down as such: 

   Light Duty Trucks 

·         Class 1-3 Trucks 

   Medium Duty Trucks 

·         Class 4-6 Trucks 

   Heavy Duty Trucks 

·         Class 7 & 8, as well as some Trailers 


·         All Categories of Trailers 

·         Truck Paper (Website) 

   The site will give you access to new and used trucks for sale. They have a link to their auction site which is run by AuctionTime, a reputable online auction site.  You can also find truck via their model, make, brand, and by truck dealers.  

·         Local & Online Dealerships 

   Peterbilt Truck 

   Ford Truck (Also Ford Commercial Truck) 

   Volvo Truck 


Narrowing it Down 

By now you have already browsed through a few hundred types of commercial trucks for sale on various websites and many versions of the same trucks.  The following guide will help you sort our which one is best suited for your needs.   

·         Start with a Brand 

   Many people have a particular brand they already love or know well. If you are not familiar with commercial trucks by the manufacturers you like then consult a mechanic that deals with them daily.   

·         Why You Need It 

   Make a checklist of your requirements, both those necessary and those you would like to have; make sure you keep them separate.  Search with these in mind. 

·         Condition 

   Do not forget to checkout your choice, both the history of the vehicle and of that brand. 

·         Color 

   Some companies prefer a blank slate to work with, but you can find commercial trucks for sale with preplanned color schemes.  These can be customized to your needs. 


With this information you should feel comfortable beginning your sift through the hundreds of commercial trucks for sale and make a decision.  If you need more information consult your mechanic and fellow truck drivers, who are familiar with current driving trends and issues.