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Commercial Truck Insurance Coverage - What Do You Need?


Any professional driver knows that commercial truck insurance is a major priority. Not only is it required by the state and federal governments, but it can also save you a lot of money in the long run, in case of an accident. There are many companies that provide basic to comprehensive coverage. This article will give you some of these companies and some of the choices they offer.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is a group that provides many services for professional truck drivers. One of the services they provide is commercial truck insurance. One of the nice things about using this association is that they have professionals who are familiar with trucking and needs of truck drivers. They offer more than ten typical types of insurance, including non-trucking, unladen, bobtail, primary and general liability; truck cargo insurance; passenger accident; and physical damage. They also offer optional components that include roadside breakdown; supplemental clean up; personal property; trailer interchange, and several others. You can use their website to find out more about the coverage they offer, discover discounts that you may be eligible for, and request a truck insurance quote.

Another popular insurance company is Progressive. In addition to providing insurance for personal aspects of your life, this company has a commercial branch that provides commercial truck insurance for all types of trucks, including box, semi, flatbed, garbage, pickup, and tank trucks, among many other types of trucks. You may also be able to find discounts using this company because you can combine different types of insurance together to receive extra savings.


The American Management Corporation provides commercial truck insurance services. Their website lists all the different auto liability insurance they can provide. This includes many different types of commercial vehicles. You can choose from a set plan, or you can sort of build your own using the website. There are many options you can choose to have added to your policy to cover things like your cargo, additional drivers, and damages. Note that not all policies are available in every state. You will need to access the website to read more information on the various provisions offered by the AMC, and you can submit a request for a quote on a policy.


You can also find sites online that allow you to compare quotes from several different providers of commercial truck insurance. These sites require you to submit a short form where you answer questions about your driving history, your needs, and your truck or trucks. Then, you receive information from various companies about what they can offer to meet your needs. Examples of sites like this include The Trucker's Report, Auto Trader, and The Policy Center.


Whether you use a truck to deliver flowers across town or to deliver grocery store goods across the nation, you will need commercial truck insurance to protect you and your cargo in the case you have an accident or incur damages along your route.