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Cheap Off Road Tires


In need of some cheap off road tires?  Before you’re off to the races looking for those cheap off road tires, lets take a closer look at what off road tires are all about so that you make the right purchase decision.

Now you may be looking to get the biggest tires possible or the most cool looking ones and you may be picking these up for things like sand racing, rock crawling, mud plowing or many other such purposes, either way, it’s a good idea to know why off road tires will be so important.

A lot of people think that you need these tires so that you can have better traction on rugged terrain and also that the larger the tire, the better the traction you’ll be getting, however this is not a 100% accurate assumption.

You see, while even cheap off road tires can provide some great traction for “off-roading”, there are some better ways of improving that instead of just getting more rubber on those tires.  If what you’re looking for is traction, you might want to pick up a traction differential (locker) with regular stock truck tires instead of going for some bigger badder looking tires.  One thing to note though, make sure you get yourself a decent winch as when you get your wheels, your overconfidence may get you into some sticky situations you can’t get yourself out of otherwise.

Now with that in mind, you’re going to want to shop around a lot before you settle in on some cheap off road tires to go with.  There are many different brands for you to shop through, some of the best include BFGoodrich and Pro Comp Tires, however there are many other noteworthy brands for you to consider. 

Now when it comes to cheap off road tires, you’re probably looking at $130 per tire at a minimum.  It of course depends on the type of tires you’re getting and the size of the wheels as well, this can vary but in general you’re looking at $100-$200 per tire. 

One of the better tires out there for off road use is the “Super Swamper” brand of tires.  There are many different types of tires such as this and I’ve seen them range from $130-$250.  Aside from that, you may also want to look into Toyo tires or Mickey Thompson tires, both companies offer high quality tires, some at relatively cheap prices.

In the end if you’re looking for some cheap off road tires, your best bet is to do a lot of shopping around online for the best tire retailer.  Some of the ones you might want to have a look at include Truck Addons, 4 Wheel Online or Offroad Unlimited.  Those are just a few places, there are many other places online where you might be able to find even better deals than on there.