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Cheap ATV Tires


Getting cheap ATV tires can be hard if you are not prepared to spend quite a bit of money or to sacrifice quality.  As you probably already know, owning and maintaining an ATV is an expensive hobby.  This price is multiplied twenty times if you make ATVs your profession.  Like owning any vehicle though, ATVs and their tires require maintenance and maintenance costs.  Your decisions and expenses will be determined by the use of your ATV.

Before you begin shopping for cheap ATV tires it is important to understand that there are more than a hundred different varieties and brands.  Most people who spend a lot of time with their ATVs know the brands they like to deal with best.  Others who are just beginning should know that for the basic rider, an all-purpose tire will suit most needs.  All-purpose tires are made with deep tread to provide stability and are made from a hard rubber that will no wear as easily as other tires.  Keep in mind that this is for the basic rider, those who take it out as a hobby; not the daily or specialized rider.

When you understand the type of riding you are doing it is easier to get more specific.  Like riders who will be riding exclusively in the mud, they look for tires specific to mud travel.  Mud tires are quite different from the basic all-purpose tire in that they have large rubber treads so they do not lose traction on slippery surfaces.  In theory it sounds impossible to gain traction in mud, but some cheap ATV tires made for mud are made to scrape the bottom of a pool of water.  Others are make to be like paddles so the driver can skim over puddles.  The paddle-like tires are more expensive and are made only for that specific event.  Also, mud tires on not quite as fast as other types of tires. If you are a racer then you know that cheap ATV tires are hardly cheap and are quite specific depending on the type of event or speeds your ATV needs to reach. 

Remember that the best place to begin shopping for cheap ATV tires is by consulting your owner's manual to see the tire specifications.  Many will go into deep detail, depending on the manufacturer.  Then when you are ready, visit stores like Cabela or local motorsport stores.  If you shop on line check out MotorSport (dot com) and Amazon.  Some people like to shop eBay for their tires.