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Camper Vans For Sale - Where To Begin


If you have ever had a van, you know that it is one of the most versatile vehicles you can own. You can use a van for fun, for business, or even as a makeshift home. Another popular way to use a van is as a camper. You can find several brands of camper vans for sale in new and used conditions. This article will give you some more information about different types of camper vans as well as where to buy them.  

One of the most popular camper vans for sale is the Roadtrek camper van. Customers like that these vans have decent fuel economy, and they are available in several different styes. Some of the smaller styles look very similar to typical conversion vans. Some of the styles of Roadtrek vans are as follows:

· The 170-Versatile van seats seven people, and it is considered a crossover between a van and a motor home. Because of its smaller size, you can park the van in a normal parking space, whereas with most larger motor homes, you require special parking or you have to take up several spaces. 

· The 190-Popular van is another smaller sized camper van that can seat up to five people. It has beds in the front and back, and it is designed to be a comfortable vehicle.  

· The RS-Adventurous van is somewhat larger than the 170 and 190 models, but it is still smaller than the traditional motor home. With seating for up to six people and rear and forward beds, this camper van is designed for long trips, with good gas mileage and comfortable seating. 

These vans can all be found on the Roadtrek website. You can also find them at most places that sell recreational vehicles. Additionally, many places that sell conversion vans also have camper vans for sale. 


Another popular camper van is the GMC Explorer. This is a van that is still being made, so you can find it new at some GMC dealerships. You can also find used versions of these camper vans for sale online, through used car dealers, and through classified advertisements.  


Pleasureway camper vans are also highly sought after vehicles. They have three main models: the Chevrolet Lexor, the Mercedes Benz Plateau, and the Ford Traverse. These motor homes all give you the ease of driving a normal sized van, but you also have the luxury of being able to sleep in and camp out of your van. 


If you prefer custom vans, you can visit your local RV dealer to design exactly what you are looking for. While searching for camper vans for sale, you will find that there are many options to choose from. The best way to go about choosing the right one for you is to think about the amenities you like to have while camping. Then, search on the internet, visit a dealership, or do both of these things so you can compare prices and properties of various vans.