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Reasons People Choose 4x4 Trucks

4x4 trucks are vehicles that have four wheels, and all four wheels are used in the driving of the car. The term 4x4 is often interchanged with the terms all wheel drive or four wheel drive. These terms can be confusing because some vehicles, such as military vehicles or large trucks, have more than four wheels, so using all wheel drive on these vehicles may actually be employing six, eight, or more wheels, not just four. Additionally, some trucks, can switch between two wheel drive and four wheel drive. Mostly, the four wheel drive function is used for off road driving or driving in conditions where the tires of the truck do not have strong traction. If you drive a vehicle that can switch between two and four wheel drive, you will want to use four wheel drive when the road is icy, covered in gravel, etc. There are many reasons you might choose a 4x4 truck. This article will expound on some of those reasons, as well as give you some examples of popular 4x4 trucks.

One of the most popular uses for these trucks is for entertainment purposes. People who need a vehicle to use every day for driving back and forth to work but that can also double as a recreational tool sometimes might be interested in a vehicle like the Ford F series. The F150 is an average sized truck that is appropriate for hauling cargo, regular street driving, and for off road driving. You can drive to work on Friday, then on Saturday, drive to a remote lake or a wooded hunting location. Other popular trucks that fit this profile include the Toyota Tacoma, which retails at about $17,000; the Honda Ridgeline, a vehicle that costs about $34,500; the Chevy Avalanche, starting at $36,100; or the Dodge Ram, which starts at $20,600.

Monster trucks are also used for entertainment purposes. These trucks look like regular pickup trucks, but they have one major difference: huge wheels. The thing that makes a monster truck earn the monster name is that it is fitted with gigantic suspension wheels that allow the truck to run over or crush things a normal truck could not. Monster trucks are always 4x4 trucks because this gives them the power and traction they need to perform daring tasks. Some of the more notable trucks have been King Kong, Bigfoot, and Bear Foot.

4x4 trucks also make excellent work vehicles. Trucks like Ford's Super Duty and Chevy's Silverado are popular work trucks because they can haul large loads, have heavy towing power, and also have the ability to seat up to six people in the cab. These trucks are built larger than average sized trucks, making them more powerful. Farmers like these trucks for hauling hay, fertilizer, and even equipment. They are also useful on construction jobs, where you have to carry heavy materials and tools to and from the work site constantly.

Overall, 4x4 trucks are useful for both work and play. Whether you are going on a road trip, driving to work, or hauling large equipment, you will find that a truck is an excellent way to get the job done.