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4x4 Truck Wheels

Even though the choices are not that many – when it comes to selecting the right set of wheels for your four-by-four could be a little trickier than you might think. Yet – by asking yourself a couple of simple questions you are likely to make your search a whole lot easier.

Are you in the market for 4x4 truck wheels that will withstand the rigors and abuse of off-road use or are you in the market for wheels that are light weight and shiny?

Steel 4x4 truck wheels are stamped from quality grade steel and are far more resistant to rust and have a much more consistent composition. They are more durable than their alloy cousins and tend to keep their shine for a good long time. These wheels are also much better suited than alloy wheels.

If you are looking something that offers superior rust resistance and custom tailored for speed-tuned vehicles then you would, most likely, be best off with alloy 4x4 truck wheels. However – expect to pay more for these high-performance (on-road) 4x4 truck wheels.

Steel 4x4 truck wheels range in price from under $60 – just over $220. If you are looking at purchasing some shiny chrome-plated steel truck wheels then expect to pay upwards of $200 mark. If you are on a restricted budget, however, and can only afford about $60 (or less) a rim then you will get a great 4x4 truck wheel in white or black. The Pro Comp company offers some great deals online in their steel Rock Crawler series. Also check out these fine manufacturers of 4x4 truck wheels - KMC, Weld Racing and American Racing.

If you’d rather get into some more high performance alloy 4x4 truck tires then companies like Pro Comp, Dick Cepek (Wheels & Tires), Mickey Thompson, Modo Metal, RBP and XD Series offer a wide array of 4x4 truck wheels from just over a hundred dollars a wheel - upwards of $350 a wheel. Many of these truck wheels are almost guaranteed to make your eyes pop out with sheer amazement (or jealousy if they are on your neighbors truck). And they are made with a low pressure casting technique that adds greatly to both the durability and the performance of the wheel, the tire and the vehicle as a whole.

So if you are looking for some great deals on some well built as well as sharp looking 4x4 truck wheels – there are plenty of awesome deals out there online. And always remember to start your search with an Internet search engine - so as to save yourself, lots of time, gallons of gas and a big bunch of money.