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4x4 Truck Tires4x4 Truck Tires4x4 Truck Tires4x4 Truck Tires
4x4 Truck Tires

Are you searching for 4x4 tires for your truck?  The first thing which you must do is realize that these types of tires come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  You must familiarize yourself with the dimensions of the tires you are searching for.  You need to also determine what type of brand you will be purchasing. 

When you are searching for 4x4 truck tires, you can perform this task in two different ways.  One is definitely the easy way and the other way is typically the hard way.  The hard way is the old fashioned way when you jerk out the yellow pages and skim through the pages and pages of 4x4 truck tire dealers.  The easy way is to utilize the power of the Internet. 

The first 4x4 truck tire I would like to mention is the Michelin 4x4 Diamaris.  This tire provides a high level of dry and wet traction for your vehicle.  This was used originally on the BMW X5 4.6is, Porsche Cayenne S and the Cayenne Turbo.  These 4x4 truck tires are available in larger rim sizes for light trucks.

This tires contains a continuous rib which enhances the shoulder blocks while allowing for better steering response.  The tires structure inside of the tire is made up of two high-tensile steel belts which are reinforced by Michelin’s finest technology. 

If you are searching for a 4x4 mud tire, then I would like to introduce you to the Super Swamper TSL/Bogger.  The nickname for this 4x4 tire is literally the “mother of all street legal mud tires”.  If you are searching for a great mud tire, then this tire is right up your alley.

This 4x4 tire contains deep voids and lugs in the tread design which extends onto the sidewalls in adding more bite in the deeper mud.  The ply ratings are 6, 8 or 10 which proves this tire is puncture and tear resistant.  These tires are however very stiff until of course you break them in.

The Bogger is the preferred tire for many rock crawlers.  This tire performs well on the rock.  The aggressive tread allows this 4x4 tire to perform well not only in the snow but sand.  One downside to this tire is that due to the tread design, it may not grip well when lateral traction is applied. 

No matter what tire you are searching for, make sure you begin your search online for your  perfect 4x4 truck tires.  You will get what you pay for and keep this in mind when you decide to go with used 4x4 tires.  Purchasing used tires is never a good idea and let’s face facts here, your safety as well as the safety of your family depends on the responsible purchase you make for your 4x4 truck tires.  Be wise and be safe when purchasing 4x4 truck tires.

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